SonKim Land’s high-end positioning strategy with Gateway Thao Dien

According to analysis by prominent real estate consultancies, the local high-end apartment segment is moving in a positive direction while attracting strong interest from both domestic and foreign investors. This is a highly competitive segment that requires developers to craft an appropriate positioning strategy in order to carve out a prestigious niche in the market.

Prime locations – quality materials – unique designs

Ho Chi Minh City’s luxury segment is moving to the metropolis’s east through high-density developments, especially in parts of District 2 such as Thao Dien, An Phu and Thu Thiem. According to Jones Lang LaSalle Vietnam (JLL), a major real estate research company, both domestic and foreign investors are focusing on this sector.


Gateway Thao Dien viewed from Saigon River

SonKim Land is one of the top investors in high-end developments through two large-scale projects: Gateway Thao Dien and The Nassim, both of which are located in prime neighborhoods in Ho Chi Minh City’s east. Gateway Thao Dien consists of luxury apartments, serviced apartments, dining facilities and integrated services designed to create a truly luxurious living environment. The project features 1-4 bedroom apartments with lap pools in both duplex and penthouse configurations.

As of now Gateway’s net absorption rate has reached 86%, while The Nassim boasts a rate of 97%. "SonKim Land's success in this segment is based on its credibility through the concept of a high-end product line. The locations of our projects are in exclusive communities in central areas of District 1, District 2 and District 3. SonKim Land focuses on high-quality, unique designs to attract customers," said Han Suk Jung, Managing Director of SonKim Land.

According to Han, accessories in every apartment must meet exacting European standards, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Gateway Thao Dien, in particular, uses low-E glass instead of tempered glass like most projects. "Another example is the pools. Instead of building purely conventional pools, at Gateway we use American technology for the water purification and mineral water treatment methods,” Han said. He also added that when selecting contractors, SonKim Land always attaches great importance to the quality of materials used, technological expertise and construction experience.

Improving quality based on resident feedback

A representative from SonKim Land said the developer always strives to improve product quality based on customer feedback surveys, in addition to the company’s experience, continuous observations and pursuit of new material trends on the market.


All glass of project is upgraded to double-glazed and heat-resistant glass

Examples of such service include upgrading toughened glass to double-glazed and heat-resistant glass and switching from high-gloss paint for kitchen and shoe cabinets to acrylic paint in order to improve aesthetics and color durability. Further, in an effort to provide a healthy living environment for residents, SonKim Land uses the German Wefatherm water supply system, which strictly adheres to DIN standards and is 100% non-toxic. Hot water pipes throughout the development are covered in an insulating layer to ensure that heat is not lost when they are used. Such treatment is also used at high-end international hotels. The Culligan water purification system, imported from the US, includes additional UV treatment so residents can be completely assured of the water quality in their apartment. The front door to each apartment features a "bottom door seal" layer from South Korea which helps prevent dust and sound from entering the unit, in addition to keeping smoke out in case of a fire. Thanks to this thoughtfulness in design and finishing, Thao Dien Gateway has been warmly welcomed by both customers and brokers since its introduction.


The pool is treated with mineral salts through Culligan's design and technology

According to JLL, the city’s high-end residential segment is attracting many buyers thanks to its strong investment returns and easy resale potential on the secondary market. This will be the general trend of the market for the foreseeable future, as when incomes increase, people aspire to a truly luxurious living space.

Materials imported from world-renowned brands to ensure resident safety and comfort

- The water supply system uses Mafflow pumps imported from France and TECOFI valves with reliable durability and a very long life expectancy. Non-toxic Wefatherm water supply pipes are imported from Germany and can operate under high pressure over a long period of time. Hot water pipes are covered with a layer of insulation that is usually only used at high-end hotels. Water is treated with UV lighting before being delivered to each apartment.

- The drainage system uses high-quality Malaysian Pailing pipes, which feature a beautiful, non-toxic surface and long lifespan.

- Fire protection system: The fire alarm system uses Honeywell fire alarms (USA) with a fast, extremely accurate response time. The water supply pipes feature Victaulic couplings instead of traditional welded joints, allowing for quick treatment and simpler maintenance, thus minimizing the size of the pump room while increasing the service area.

- The power cables are from Keystone (Singapore), which offer fire protection and minimize the risk of short circuits, reducing the possibility of fire.

- The switchboard and transformer are provided by Schneider (France), a highly regarded brand. This system is extremely safe and stable.

The pool is treated with mineral salts through Culligan's design and technology

- Metallic painted aluminum doors have a color durability of 20 years. Double safety glass is used in the high-rise buildings, with optional sound and heat insulation.

The laminated flooring is imported from Germany, along with Daikin ceiling air conditioners.

- Natural ventilation and exhaust fans are provided for all kitchens and bathrooms.

- Duravit & Hansgrobe bathroom appliances

- BOSCH kitchen equipment

Infographic: Luxury apartment criteria

Low residential density and a small number of apartments

- Low apartment density per floor

- Comfortable, private residential areas

- Impressive design

- Excellent, luxurious quality

- Enticing living environment

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