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10 Oldest Things On Earth

Discover the 10 Oldest Things on Earth here. Prepare to be transported into a rich & fascinating history on the oldest things that exist.
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12 Of The Oldest Objects Ever Discovered | HowStuffWorks

A lot of the times when people think of ancient artifacts, they picture Greek or Roman tools and relics. Things like oxidized copper trinkets, ivory statues, or maybe a bit of gold jewelry. But once you start thinking in archeological terms, a whole world of possibilities open up that pre date recorded history. Now we […] The post 12 Of The Oldest Objects Ever Discovered appeared first on Goliath.

The 50 Oldest Things In The World – 24/7 Wall St.

From family heirlooms to antique shops to museums, many Americans share an obsession for old and extremely old things. Such old things might include man-made artifacts hundreds of thousands of years old, millions-of-years-old fossils, and even older natural relics Here, 24/7 Tempo offers a glimpse at 50 of the oldest things in the world. We […]

16 Fascinating Oldest Things Ever Found On Earth - RankRed

Here you can find both natural ecofacts such as the oldest stone and man-made artifacts, like 40,000 years old cave painting and oldest attempt at music and even shoes.

This Is The Oldest Human-Made Object In The Smithsonian Collections | At The Smithsonian| Smithsonian Magazine

Roughly two million years ago, simple items like the Kanjera tool sparked a revolution in the way humans lived

What Is The Oldest Animal On Earth? | Mental Floss

Humans have a pretty long lifespan, but it's nothing compared to that of a deep sea sponge, one of the oldest animals on Earth.

What's The Oldest Tree On Earth—and Will It Survive Climate Change?

Bristlecone pines in the western U.S. have been alive for nearly 5,000 years, but an upstart Patagonian cypress challenges that record.

10 Of The Oldest Foods Ever Discovered | History Hit

While some recipes, dishes and methods of food preparation have been passed down over centuries and even millennia, it can be difficult to determine...

World's Oldest Animals: Cats, Dogs, Deep Sea Creatures And More | Guinness World Records

Featuring elderly pets, ancient sea dwellers and a timeworn tortoise, this is a round-up of the world’s oldest animals, both past and present.

Canadian Arctic Fossils May Be The Oldest Animal Ever Found, Study Suggests | CBC News

Fossils that formed 890 million years ago in what is now the Northwest Territories may be by far the oldest evidence of animal life ever found, a controversial new Canadian study suggests.

Astronomers Discover What May Be The Oldest And Most Distant Galaxy In The Universe | Euronews

It's 13.5 billion light-years away and it's been forming stars at an "incredible rate".

Scientists Accidentally Kill World's Oldest Animal At Age 507

Ming was killed when scientists cracked open its shell.

Oldest Animal Fossils Ever May Be Ancient Sponges Discovered In Canada

A geologist in Canada may have discovered fossils of an ancient sponge dating back 890 million years.