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HOMER and the Trojan War (Iliad)

HOMER And The Trojan War (Iliad)

Notes on Homer and the Trojan War: participants, gods, genealogical connections
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The Trojan War — The Preliminaries, The Course Of The War, The Fall Of Troy, And The Returns

Summary King Priam ruled in the wealthy, fortified city of Troy. He was not only prosperous, but he had fifty or more children, and it seemed as if good fortune

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Trojan War - World History Encyclopedia

The Trojan War was fought between Greeks and the defenders of the city of Troy in Anatolia sometime in the late Bronze Age. The story has grabbed the imagination...

The Myth Of The Trojan War - British Museum Blog

Introducing an epic tale The story of the ancient city of Troy, and of the great war that was fought over it, has been told for some 3,000 years. Spread by travelling storytellers, it was cast into powerful words by the Greek poet Homer as early as the eighth to seventh century BC – and

Greek Mythology: Gods, Goddesses & Legends - HISTORY - HISTORY

Greek mythology, and its ancient stories of gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters, is one of the oldest and most influential groups of legends in human civilization.

Four Stories: Trojan - God's Boys - Parnassus - White Island - E-bog - Marcus Attwater - Storytel

"Apollo thumped the steering wheel in frustration. They were such a sorry excuse for a family. Playing at being human. Like Hermes, when they'd said goodbye: 'Come and see me'. They always said things like that.'Come and visit', 'Let's have lunch', 'We'll keep in touch'. They never did. He had never seen Hermes' Manhattan apartment, and Hermes had never been to San Francisco. They would see each other only at funerals, if gods had funerals."

Trojan War

The Trojan War is probably one of the most important events that have been narrated in Greek mythology. It was a war that broke out between the Achaea...

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Get everything you need to know about Fate, Fortune, and the Gods in The Trojan Women. Analysis, related quotes, theme tracking.